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The Brian K. McWilliams Foundation is national non-profit organization dedicated to the health, wellness, and education of individuals and their families at home and around the world. Inspired by the Story of ‘The Starfish Thrower’ the Foundation was formed in 2006, knowing that we can make a difference and every little bit helps.

Visit our official website at to learn more about The Foundation, our causes, our events as well as to purchase tickets and make donations, online.

The Starfish Thrower.
A man walked along the beach throwing starfish that lay helpless on the beach back in the water. His friend approached him and asked him what he was doing. The man replied, ‘I’m throwing the starfish back in the ocean, if I don’t they will die’. His friend looked at him and said, ‘but there are thousands of starfish out of the water, you can’t save them all. How can you make a difference?’ Throwing another starfish back in the water, the man replied ‘It made a difference to that one’.
* Synopsis of the story originally written by Loren Eiseley, The Star Thrower, 1969. Version retold by Joel Barker.


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  • Getting ready for Halloween? Support one of our fav guests from the Brian K. McWilliams foundation fundraiser @GothicGourdGirl. 5 years ago
  • Brian K. McWilliams Foundation solutes @CTV_AvisFavaro and her work to shine a light on the battle against MS and CCSVI 5 years ago
  • Brian K. McWilliams Foundation is pleased to see CCSVI and the battle against MS receiving national media coverage! 5 years ago
  • Brian K McWilliams Foundation congratulates the success of the "Because I am a Girl" Campaign! ~ Brian McWilliams 5 years ago
  • At The Brian K. McWilliams Foundation, we are busy preparing for our CCSVI Fundraiser, tomorrow!! 7 years ago

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