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The Brian K. McWilliams Foundation is excited to be able to support another Canadian MSer on her journey to Liberation. We pray that her procedure is a success this week and that she like so many others begins to experience a life free of MS symptoms!


We want to thank all of our MS & CCSVI friends and family who have helped so many on the journey to Liberation.
It has been a pleasure to be involved in this journey and we plan to continue to support this very important cause.

With the support of social media – Facebook, CCSVI Locator, and many other sites – News, Education, Information and stories of hope continue to circulate around the world at record speed.

Thank you to those who had the courage to go first.
Thank you to everyone who has the courage to share your story.
Thank you to those who share information.
Thank you to those who support others, in so many ways.

We at the Foundation, just wish to say Thank You to you all!  And let you know we are here to support you on this journey to Liberation.

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  • Brian K. McWilliams Foundation is pleased to see CCSVI and the battle against MS receiving national media coverage! 5 years ago
  • Brian K McWilliams Foundation congratulates the success of the "Because I am a Girl" Campaign! ~ Brian McWilliams 5 years ago
  • At The Brian K. McWilliams Foundation, we are busy preparing for our CCSVI Fundraiser, tomorrow!! 7 years ago

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