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Posted on: September 12, 2010

The Brian K. McWilliams Foundation is hosting an event to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis and CCSVI Research later this month. However, Helen K. Cosburn, a spokesperson for The Foundation has added that all donations that come into the Foundation during the month of September will also go towards this incredible cause. 

Cosburn, an international healthcare consultant, brought the worth while cause to the Foundation, after working with global providers of CCSVI. As she learned more about the treatment and what it means to those who suffer with MS, she knew that she wanted to do all she could to help others gain accesss to this life changing treatment. The Foundation, whose tenents involve access to healthcare for all, has committed to help make a difference in two ways (1) by support 2 patients quest for CCSVI treatment now and (2) by support St. Joseph’s Healthcare’s research team to help ensure this treatment becomes available to all Canadians.

To learn more about what the foundation is doing and the event, TASTE TO LIBERATE, scheduled for Sept. 20th, please visit


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